Training and Classes

Virtual training and virtual classes: face-to-face instruction is replaced by Synchronous e-learning teaching and training. Video-conferences, video-training, video-conversation for FLE are offered based on individual/group needs.

Authentical documents: Smartcaravan Network uses intensively authentical documents from the French-speaking media:
* Learning  and Teaching with TV5Monde
* Radio France Internationale

Virtual training to learn and to teach  is synchronous e-learning.
The characteristics are:
1- All the participants (teachers and learners)  are connected on line at the same time, from different places, in real-time.
2- A two-way effective communication
3- An interactive training with the latest technology is used:
*  A collaborate white board (the white page of the computer) on all participants can write with tools such as a mouse, audio, chat to exchange any time
*Integrated visual projections (texts) or animated (video) connected from  the Internet to work  in synchronous, or video can be added by the instructor or the participants.
*Offers individual activities or in small groups
4- Communication: multidimensional between all the participants (learners and teacher).

Why this choice of training:
Facility, authenticity and immediacy

1- A training for all, teachers and learners, especially for those who live in a non-French speaking environment, and want to speak, learn, work and teach with everyday French language by using authentical documents.
2- In order to:
a- Maintain competences in French language and francophone cultures.
b- Be aware of the linguistic and cultural changes of the language which evolve daily.
c- Practice their language of training, French, and to exchange in their language of teaching, French.
d- Give access easily to continuing education.