Cross-cultural Training


1- What is cross-culture?

  • The ability to understand cultural differences between at least two cultures, in  daily life,   social relationships and  working areas.
  • The capacity to move and tolerate cultural differences in one’s  environment and to be able to incorporate part of it in one’s culture.

2- Responding to your needs:
To find the proper answers:

  • For everyday life situations: The specificities and the needs according to the age, the family structure and the length spent in the expatriation; the ability to adapt and   adjust the different cultures and traditions; according to the distance from the country of origin and what the new country has to offer.
  • For work environments: How to adapt yourself  and to adjust your professional practices ; to  have a better professional life within your new company (hierarchy, team work, management, time organization, information), the ability to seize opportunities during professional mobility such as for example creating your own company, changing business  or company.
  • For personal enrichment: To discover, exchange and  increase your competences and your knowledge for a better understanding and adjustment to the never ending and fast changes of the international world.

3-Smartcaravan Network offers workshops or seminars (cultural, practical life and professional) to answer the “Cultural shock”:

  • In French and English
  • Before expatriation, upon arrival in the new country; a follow-up and touch up during the stay
  • For single, family or company group
  • To bring knowledge and experiment to the service of others for successful expatriations.
  • To have the ability to listen to specific needs in order to organize and prepare our clients for the best life in cultural diversity through all of its components.
  • To help and facilitate the settling and organization of the newcomers  daily life (to Europe, Asia and the United States).